Audi Recalls 100K+ Cars for Faulty Airbags

German luxury carmaker, Audi, initiated a recall of almost 102,000 cars from select 2013-2015 models for possible airbag safety defects.

Software Glitch


Image Courtesy of AMV8GTE at Wikimedia

Volkswagen AG recalled a total of 101,938 from its newer Audi models, the A4, the S4, and the Allroad. According to the automaker, a software flaw made these cars unsafe, as the airbags might fail to deploy upon impact.This comes as a part of a global 850,000-car recall launched by Audi, which it announced in the past weeks.

Audi urges owners of these models to head to the nearest Audi dealership near them for a critical software update starting November 11.

In a statement, Volkswagen AG pointed to an “improper algorithm/coding within the air bag control module,” which – “in rare cases” – may stop the front air bags from deploying after the side air bags have been fired. A secondary crash, wherein the frontal bag system is necessary, could possibly expose front-seat occupants to injuries with the malfunctioning air bags. Audi said the glitch was found out during “routine testing and ongoing field observations.”

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration posted the carmaker’s notice online.

No Prior Crashes

The manufacturer, however, clarified that there had been no reported incident or crash before the announcement of the recall. Volkswagen’s move was to prevent any crash from happening, which the company hopes it succeeds at.

Audi’s recall is different from the string of recalls coming from various manufacturers about airbag issues. Over 10 manufacturers recalled a total of more than 6 million cars for a defective air bag supplied by Japanese manufacturer Takata Corp. But while Audi’s debacle is a software glitch, the Takata defect inflates the bags with too much air, making it possible for the bag to explode and shower passengers with debris and shrapnel.

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Investigations are currently underway for the recalls with Takata Corp. Most recently, Japanese carmaker Honda answered a total of 38 questions under oath.

Record Year for Recalls

Experts have noted the frequency of auto recalls this year. Audi is just one of the 10 automakers that received letters from the NHTSA about the recall. Just recently, rivals Nissan, Toyota, and Honda has taken broader measures to implement the recall.

General Motors also faces multiple investigations regarding the many units that have to be recalled. Estimates show that as many as 2.5 million units could be affected by GM’s recall, most of which are small Chevrolet cars that are now discontinued.